UC Santa Cruz

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址With its jaw-dropping coastline, lush state forests and cosmopolitan vibe, UC Santa Cruz offers a lifestyle that’s tough to beat. And as one of the world’s top 50 universities, it has a world-class reputation to match.

Here, nearly 20,000 students choose from 65 majors, across the arts, sciences and engineering. This rich diversity, combined with a close-knit community atmosphere, makes Santa Cruz a spectacular place to live and learn.

We’re also renowned for the quality of our research. From building ultra-efficient solar cells, to developing personalised care for cancer patients, Santa Cruz’s research gets results—and recognition too. In 2018, we ranked third in the world for research influence. And in the past five years, Santa Cruz has won $680 million in grants and contracts.

It’s a great time to come join us.

Freshman admit stats

Applicants: 55,868

Admits: 28,784

Overall admit rate: 51.5%

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Transfer admit stats

Applicants: 11,791

Admits: 7,141

Overall admit rate: 61%

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Admissions contact information

1156 High St.
Santa Cruz, CA 95064
(831) 459-0111

150 Hahn Student Services
Voice/TTY: (831) 459-4008

Cook House
亚洲城老虎机游戏网址 Voice/TTY: (831) 459-4008

Early Education Services
(831) 459-2967

125 Hahn Student Services
(831) 459-2089

121 Academic Resources Center
(831) 459-2296

205 Hahn Student Services
(831) 459-2963

599 Koshland Way
(831) 459-4080

Community Rentals Office
104 Hahn Student Services
(831) 459-4435

104 Hahn Student Services
(831) 459-2394

150 Hahn Student Services
(831) 459-2131

150 Hahn Student Services 
(831) 459-2131

190 Hahn Student Services
(831) 459-4412

Kresge College 
(831) 459-2552

Voice/TTY: (831) 459-4008
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Additional Resources

Academic Divisions

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