We give transfers a head start

Studying at community college makes a lot of sense. You can stay close to home, save money—and still make progress toward a UC degree.

Almost one third of our students are transfers, and we prioritize California transfers over other transfers. If you’re well-prepared, you can even get a guaranteed place at some of our campuses.

We do this because of the rich diversity that transfer students bring to campus life, and the intellectual passion they bring to the classroom.

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址Even with a head start, it’s important that you make the right preparations to transfer. That way, you’ll have the best chance of getting in to the campus and major you want.

Our best tip for transferring to UC? Plan ahead.

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址Here’s what you need to know to get on track and stay there.

Transfer students: prepare to succeed

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址Minimum requirements, preparing for your major, general education courses: transferring to UC takes a lot of planning. But we have the tools and resources to help.

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Plan your classes

Our Transfer Admission Planner (UC TAP) takes the hard work out of planning and monitoring your progress toward transferring to UC.

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Preparing for your major

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址Your community college studies are the foundation of your bachelor’s degree. If you choose the right courses, you’ll not only prepare for your major—you’ll keep your campus options open too. And if you follow one of our Transfer Pathways, you'll have a clear roadmap to prepare for your major and be well positioned to graduate on time from any UC campus.

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Guarantee your place at UC

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址If you’re well prepared, you can get guaranteed admission to one of six campuses that participate in our Transfer Admission Guarantee (TAG) program.

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