UC grants credit for GCE, Singapore-Cambridge and Hong Kong Advanced Level examinations on which a student earns a grade of A, B, or C. This credit toward UC graduation requirements may receive elective credit only, or specific subject credit and/or credit toward general education/breadth requirements, as determined by a UC campus.

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址Units granted for A-Level exams are not counted toward the maximum number of credits required for formal declaration of a major or the maximum number of units a student may accumulate prior to graduation. Students who enter UC with A-Level credit do not have to declare a major earlier than other students, nor are they required to graduate earlier.

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址The evaluation of the credits awarded for A-level Examinations is subject to change and may be reviewed and revised periodically by campus faculty. All scores must be sent to the UC campus directly from the official testing agency to be considered for credit.

亚洲城老虎机游戏网址UC grants up to 12 quarter (8 semester) units of credit for each of the following GCE, Singapore-Cambridge and Hong Kong A-Level exams*:

Accounting History
Afrikaans Marathi
Arabic Marine Science
Art and Design Mathematics
Biology Mathematics - Further
Chemistry Music
Chinese Physics
Classical Studies Portuguese
Computing Psychology
Economics Putonghua
English - Language Sociology
English - Literature Spanish
French Tamil
Geography Telugu
German Urdu
Hindi Urdu - Pakistan only

* Please note that this is not a complete list, only a sample of the most frequent exam subject results UC has received in the past.

Duplication with college courses

Students should be advised that college courses taken before or after attending UC may duplicate AP, IB and/or A-Level examinations. Additionally, exams may duplicate each other (for example, an AP or IB exam in the same subject area).

If the student does duplicate an exam with another exam of the same subject content, and/or an exam with a college course, we will award credit only once.

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